Preservation and Data Collections

Our consulting and professional services include assisting out clients with identifying and targeting all possible sources of Electronic Stored Information (ESI). We assist in creating Identification and Preservation Protocols for use in Legal Holds, ESI Collections or Forensic Acquisitions. Our consulting services include Practical Training, Best Practices, and other Litigation Support & Project Management expertise.


The term ESI refers to electronic data found in servers, networked resources, storage devices, hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, mobile phones, digital audio/video recorders, cameras.

Legal Holds

Legal Holds are preservation orders based on counsel’s directive to freeze ESI.  Often referred to as Litigation Holds, these orders may also be issued for compliance purposes, internal audits, due diligence and government investigations. We assist our clients with implementing preservation methods for litigation holds and other investigations.  We also collect ESI for litigation purposes when forensic acquisitions are not necessary.  This method, while avoiding evidence spoliation, captures only active ESI and Email but does not collect hidden or deleted data.

Forensic Collection

A Forensic Collection normally captures a bit-by-bit image of an entire physical hard drive or device including unallocated and slack space for use in investigations or litigation. We have licensed investigators that can perform forensic acquisition and analysis.  We recommend using this method for contentious litigations or criminal investigations as it permits discovery of deleted, tampered or hidden data.

According to expenditure studies, the Collection phase consumes approximately 8% of the total cost of Discovery.  Your collection must be both auditable and defensible as it is the foundation for your discovery efforts.